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WWAS Consulting

WWAS Consulting is your major partner in wealth diversification.
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With a broad network of wealth managers, brokers, bankers, real estate agents, and private and institutional investors; WWAS Consulting is your major partner in wealth diversification.

Our wealth managers helps you in your research and implementation of your diversification solutions : As everyone, you already have the majority of investments offered by your bankers and insurers, they have an interest that it is legal, fiscal or social. But you are tired of the lack of originality, these investments supposed to finance the local economy and which mainly bails out the pockets of big financial institutions, the lack of visibility and clarity about what you really have … we put you in touch with THE partner who will be able to offer you real solutions of diversification: after a detailed analysis of your profile and your objectives, he will be force of proposal on manyfold subjects.

We mainly intervene on projects related to these activities sectors :

Financial investments

Support on financial solutions : private bonds (convertible into shares or not) directly from companies already well established or start-ups that create our future, equity investments in companies, IPOs, management solutions under mandate on complex  markets  directly with specialized traders (no multiple intermediaries such as common agencies) …

The mission of WWAS Consulting is to find and provide your wealth manager with the solutions that will make your tomorrow portfolio a benchmark for strategic diversification.

Real estate investments

Support on real estate solutions : first residence, secondary, rental (with or without tax benefits), lifetime, real estate, companies, shopping centers, hotels, castles, land, vineyards, forests

Are you an expert in real estate development? Novice? You have a very specific search or you don’t know yet what you are looking for?

Our partners and representatives are presently around the world to meet your expectations in real estate diversification.

Luxus Area

Accompaniment on high-end investments : real estate,  artworks, vintage vehicles, yachts, planes … WWAS Consulting has a large network of experts specialized in the fields of luxury and art.

Don’t hesitate to send us your detailed research mandates, thanks to our prestigious partners we will make every effort to respond quickly to your requests.

Do you have collections that you want to separate? We provide you with experts and specialized sellers outside big classic houses to limit your selling costs!

Business Angel

You are a start-up and you raise funds? Send us your business plan : our team of analysts will study it and propose different solutions to meet your expectations.

Our partners are present all over the world :

Contact us to meet them !